SQL Server XML to Data Table

In this Article, we will learn How to save xml data into SQL Server table.

First of all, we will create temp table, to insert data from xml.

--Create Temp Student table CREATE TABLE #tStudent ( Id int, StudentName varchar(100), Class varchar(20), Section varchar(10), RollNo varchar(5) ) GO

Create an xml variable with xml data.

-- XML Data declare @v xml='<Student>   <StudentDetails Id="1" StudentName="Amit" Class="6" Section="A" RollNo="1" />   <StudentDetails Id="2" StudentName="Amit Kumar" Class="6" Section="A" RollNo="2" />   <StudentDetails Id="3" StudentName="Rohit Sharms" Class="6" Section="A" RollNo="3" />   <StudentDetails Id="4" StudentName="Sanjeev Kuamar" Class="6" Section="A" RollNo="4" />   <StudentDetails Id="5" StudentName="Devu" Class="6" Section="A" RollNo="5" /> </Student>'

Inserting data into #tStudent from XML variable @v

-- INSETING DATA FROM XML INSERT #tStudent SELECT t.c.value('@Id', 'int') as Id, t.c.value('@StudentName', 'varchar(100)') as StudentName, t.c.value('@Class', 'varchar(20)') as Class, t.c.value('@Section', 'varchar(10)') as Section, t.c.value('@RollNo', 'varchar(5)') as RollNo FROM @v.nodes('/Student/StudentDetails') AS t(c) Go

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