Visual Studio shortcut keys for beginners

Visual Studio shortcut keys - You will learn here what is shortcut keys ? How you can become professional web developer or designer by adding these shortcut keys in your daily work routine.

Visual Studio shortcut keys for beginners

Most of the time we use our keyboard for coding instead of using mouse. But sometimes during coding we use mouse for other kind of commands like copy, paste, debugging etc. Visual studio provides some key combination which help us to run these commands by keyboard instead of using mouse by using Alt, Shift, Control combination. like for copy Ctrl+C, Paste Ctrl+V etc. Such combination of keys is called keyboard shortcuts.

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In this article we are going to know visual studio keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet of such 30 keys combination, which is very easy to learn and use.

# Shortcut Command
1Ctrl+Shift+NNew Project...
2Ctrl+OOpen File...
3Ctrl+SSave Selected File
5Ctrl+GGo To Line...
8Double ClickSelect Word
9Tripple ClickSelect Line
10Shift + Arrow Select By Char
11Ctrl+Shift+UMake Uppercase
12Ctrl+UMake Lowercase
15Ctrl+ASelect All
20F7Code (.cs or .vb)
21Shift+F7Designer (
22F5Start Debugging
23F11Step Into
24F10Step Over
26F9Toggle Break Point
27F12Go To Definition
28Ctrl+Alt+LSolution Explorer
29F4Properties Window
30Ctrl+Alt+XTool Bar

Visual Studio shortcut keys for beginners is very general and easy to learn shortcuts similar to Microsoft world shortcuts, you must start using these shortcuts to become more productive.

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