74-Essential Visual Studio shortcut Hot-keys

Visual Studio shortcut keys - You will learn here, How you can become professional web developer from beginners, by adding these shortcut keys in your daily work routine.

Visual Studio shortcut keys for Professionals

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In this article we are going to know visual studio keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet of such 74 Hot-keys combination, which will make you daily coding more productive.

# Shortcut Command
1Ctrl+Shift+NNew Project...
2Ctrl+NNew File...
3Ctrl+OOpen File...
4Ctrl+Shift+OOpen Project...
5Ctrl+Shift+AAdd New Item
6Ctrl+Alt+AAdd Existing Item
7Ctrl+SSave Selected File
8Ctrl+Shift+SSave All
11Ctrl+GGo To Line...
12Ctrl+TGo To All...
15Ctrl+Shift+FFind In Files...
16Ctrl+Shift+HReplace In Files...
17Double ClickSelect Word
18Tripple ClickSelect Line
19Shift + Arrow Select By Char
20Shift+Alt+Arrow Select By Word
21Ctrl+Shift+End Select Upto End
22Ctrl+Shift+Home Select Upto Top
23Ctrl+K, Ctrl+DFormat Document
24Ctrl+Shift+UMake Uppercase
25Ctrl+UMake Lowercase
26Alt+Up ArrowMove Selected Line Up
27Alt+Down ArrowMove Selected Line Down
28Ctrl+K,Ctrl+\Delete Horizontal White Space
31Ctrl+ASelect All
35Ctrl+Shift+VCycle Clipboard Ring
38Ctrl+K, Ctrl+CComment Selection
39Ctrl+K, Ctrl+UUncomment Selection
40Ctrl+K, Ctrl+WBookmark Window
41Ctrl+K, Ctrl+KToggle Bookmark
42Ctrl+K, Ctrl+PPrevious Bookmark
43Ctrl+K, Ctrl+NNext Bookmark
44Ctrl+K, Ctrl+LClear Bookmarks...
45Ctrl+M,Ctrl+MToggle Outlining Expression
46Ctrl+M,Ctrl+OCollapse To Definition
48F7Code (.cs or .vb)
49Shift+F7Designer (Asp.net)
50Ctrl+-Navigate Backward
51Ctrl+Shift+-Navigate Forward
52Ctrl+Shift+BBuild Solution
53F5Start Debugging
54Alt+F5Start Without Debugging
55F11Step Into
56F10Step Over
57Shift+F5Stop Debugging
59Ctrl+Alt+BBreak Point Window
60F9Toggle Break Point
61Ctrl+Shift+F9Delete All Break Point
62F12Go To Definition
63Alt+F12Peek Definition
64Ctrl+F12Go To Implementation
65Shift+F12Find All References
66Ctrl+K, Ctrl+SSnippet Surrounding With...
67Ctrl+K, Ctrl+XInsert Snippet...
68Twice Tab after typeInsert Snippet
69Ctrl+Alt+BBreak Point Window
70Ctrl+Alt+LSolution Explorer
71Ctrl+Alt+SServer Explorer
72Ctrl+Alt+XTool Bar
73F4Properties Window
74Ctrl+Alt+IImmediate Window

Visual Studio shortcut keys for professionals article will surely works for both beginners and professionals. After adding these skills to your daily working schedule, you will surely observe a change in your coding skills.

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